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We all have times when we struggle to cope. This can leave us feeling alone, anxious, frustrated and depressed.

Sometimes all you need is space to talk in a safe, confidential environment.

Talking to a counsellor can help you to make sense of things.  A counsellor won’t judge you; they simply want to help you with whatever difficulties you are facing.

All counsellors are different and have different approaches.  It is important to find a counsellor who you are happy with so they can help you to become your best self.


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Counselling is a confidential, helping relationship which enables you to explore your issues, find new ways of looking at things and move forwards with your life.

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy is an expressive, non-verbal, creative approach which invites you to create three-dimensional pictures in a sand tray using miniature objects or figures.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an uplifting, relaxing and stress relieving treatment which involves gentle and invigorating massage to your upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.

Client Testimonials

“Frances was compassionate and very helpful to me during my counselling, felt like I made real progress and was listened to and supported. She was flexible with time and checked in frequently to ensure she was using a technique I found helpful.”  


I have found the support I have received from Frances to be incredibly helpful.  She has a deep understanding of mental health issues and the difficulties these present to individuals.  She has been patient and kind, understanding and empathetic.  At first, I was not sure what to expect and I did not like talking to a stranger over the telephone.  It took me a while to build up a therapeutic relationship with her, but once we got to “know each other” better, I found the sessions extremely helpful and they gave me renewed confidence.


“Frances is the best listener, combining true compassionate attention with the right level of correctly-chosen probing questions, which lead you to the heart of where you couldn’t have got to without her. A truly safe space to discover what you might not have wanted to admit even to yourself, and feel accepted and cherished as you are. I come away feeling optimistic, having developed specific ideas to put into action to improve my life”.


“I’ve been having treatments for a long time now with Frances and she always hits the spot, whatever the problem, without my telling her. I recommend her gentle way to all!”

“I really value the years of your care , amazing skill and treatments  you’ve offered me,  which will be forever remembered.”

“Frances always brings a warm welcome. I feel listened to and supported during my therapy. I experience connection with every session. Thank you Frances”.

Andy Plymouth

“I have been going to Frances now for 3 years to have counselling and it has changed my life immensely! Frances is very calm and accommodating for all your needs and has the ability to create an environment where you can feel at ease. She also facilitates sand tray therapy which I think is really unique and not something I had ever seen before – it’s a great tool to access the deeper thoughts/feelings of your mind. By working with her I feel I’ve been able to explore and express parts of myself without judgement and would highly recommend her to anyone.”


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